This is the true story of Myra K. Richardson, an alternative high school teacher falsely accused of molesting a 16 year old child named Tiffany Smiley. But this is not your typical teacher/student sexual abuse case. The institution claimed that nothing ever happened to the young girl, and Ms. Richardson invented the story because she was mentally disturbed. Was this teacher crazy, or could this have been an elaborate cover- up to prevent guilty parties from taking responsibility for destroying a woman and her livelihood? Myra's trial was scheduled for August 18th, 2006... it never happened. Now, after 10 years of fighting to prove her innocence, Myra will finally have an opportunity to talk about what really took place within the tiny, southside high school known as Sullivan House.

If you've ever had a "favorite" teacher, then you MUST see this documentary!

a Ted Mangan Documentary Film